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5 reasons we’re hooked on Xerocon, and you will be too

Xerocon San Francisco: Three days, a bunch of the country’s smartest accountants, and more inspiration, ideas and insight than you can shake a stick at.

Not to brag, but we’re pretty well placed to tell you why you should attend Xerocon. Collectively, we’ve been to every Xerocon around the world since 2012 – that’s 13 if you’re keeping count – so you could say we’re veterans.

Here’s my ultimate roundup of the top 5 reasons to get yourself on a plane to sunny San Francisco next month.

1. Andy Lark wants to teach you How to make Love

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an ambitious and curious type.

Well, if you want to not only reach but smash through your goals then there is no better place to be. Xerocon is certainly the place to get awesome new ideas to take home, implement and begin to see a real difference.

My personal favorite session this year is “How to make love” from Xero CMO Andy Lark. He promises to reveal the secret to making people fall helplessly in love with your service, so I’ll be front row. If the London Xerocon is anything to go by, it will be enlightening, to say the least.

2. Troubleshoot like a boss

No matter how big or small, every practice goes through teething pains at some point. It might be onboarding the team to a new software or perhaps figuring how to handle a difficult client.

One of the best ways to solve a problem is by swapping experiences with your peers, and you’ll have plenty to choose from with accountants and bookkeepers flocking from all over the States. Chances are that someone else will have been in your shoes, so can provide invaluable first-hand advice, helping you fast-track to the right solution.

Xerocon is also a great chance to meet your Xero Account Manager face-to-face - utilize them as your personal business advisor and squeeze more value out of them.

3. Xerocon confirms Accounting is cool

At Receipt Bank, we’ve always known that, but the industry is yet to change the stereotype of the “boring” accountant.

The buzz and hype of Xerocon alone are enough to demonstrate how dynamic, fast-moving and creative this industry is. And the professionals attending who embrace new tech, new ideas and smarter ways of working are building an exciting future.

There is no cooler place on earth than Xerocon San Francisco in mid - August. Fact.

4. Get one up on your competitors

Xerocon is a breeding ground for game-changing ideas and a place new partnerships are struck up.

I hate to say it, but if your competitors attend and you don’t, they’ll have the opportunity to get one step ahead. This is the place where they reveal all the latest tech updates and industry developments - can you afford to miss out on opportunities to them? Even up the playing field by securing your place too.

5. Get all your Xero Add-on Shopping done in style

Add-ons are one of the most awesome things about working with Xero, and we’re not just saying that as a four-time add-on of the year winner.

They let you customize your firm to suit your clients’ individual needs and automate a bunch of stuff you don’t enjoy. That said, shopping around can be a drain on resources and probably isn’t up there on your list of urgent to-dos.

Get all of your research done in one fell swoop at Xerocon, with a whole conference hall bursting with cutting-edge tools ready to fire-up your firm. You may even discover something new to add as an additional service.

Receipt Bank will be there in our trademark orange T-shirts so you can’t miss us - stop by our booths for a chat and to pick up some swag. Then digest and organize all of the information on the flight back home.

So, if I’ve done enough to persuade you - here’s a conveniently placed link to register for Xerocon San Francisco from August 15-17. Hope to see you there!

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