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Accountants & Bookkeepers: Boost Your Bookkeeping workflow

On-demand Bookkeeping is here.

Many industries are being disrupted by the on-demand economy shift that is empowering consumers to get what they want when they need it (eg; Uber, Amazon Now, Netflix etc).

Consumer demand has proven to embrace this new economic model and an explosion of new business opportunities have since emerged. Along with this emerging growth area, consumers expectations have rapidly begun to shift towards brands and services that fulfill their needs on-demand.

The latest online accounting tools have made it possible for business owners and their trusted advisors to collaborate in real time on their financial information. Savvy business owners are constanting looking for opportunities that can gain them a competitive advantage through the use of real time information.

To aid our partners* in maximising the opportunity that on-demand bookkeeping presents we’ve created a new tool to boost the Receipt Bank bookkeeping workflow.

Boost Mode will allow you to request your client’s items to be boosted to the top of the processing queue and will have them ready for you all in a matter of minutes.

You’ll find the button that enables Boost Mode in the ‘In Processing’ tab when your client has items that are currently awaiting processing.

So go ahead, give your bookkeeping workflow a boost and take advantage of what real time accounting has to offer.
*Boost Mode is currently only available for Receipt Bank Silver Partners and above. To find out how to gain silver partnership status click here.