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Beyond The Conference: How to implement what you learn at Accountex 2017

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Accountex is huge. In fact, there is so much to take in, it can be really hard to actually put what you learn into practice. That's why we asked four top accounting thought leaders to share their tips on implementing what you learn at Accountex 2017 and make the most of the 10th and 11th May this year.

Making Accountex Digital

Making Tax Digital features heavily at this year's Accountex. The reprieve granted by HMRC has left time for the profession to explore how to handle the changes. Many sessions look towards the digital future (including Receipt Bank partner Jessica Pillow's excellently named Automation? Quicker, but does robotics mean Daleks?).

We'll be on stand 370, in our trademark orange, showing the exciting new developments in Receipt Bank's platform. These include using the latest in Machine Learning and AI to send your clients personalised submission reminders, to make chasing a thing of the past, and the smartest OCR tech of any cloud app.

Meanwhile, Receipt Bank Co-Founder Michael Wood will be onstage to take a broader look at what is really driving Making Tax Digital.

Don't miss his essential session, HMRC aren’t Making Tax Digital: They're acknowledging that tax is now digital, Wednesday, May 10th, 12:00 pm - 12:45pm in the Digital Innovation & Technology theatre.

how to implement what you learn

To help you make the most of these packed days, we asked four top thought leaders for their top tip on making the most of Accountex 2017.

1. Make it a team effort 


Set up a meeting with all the attendees from your team as soon as you get back to the office. You can create a shared document with your learnings and along with your proposed actions. Then go through the list and review it - don't be afraid to be ruthless, the fewer things on the list, the more likely you'll get them done!

Nicola Anderson, VP Marketing, GoCardless


2. Why not you next year?

Martin.pngYour potential clients attend conferences and listen to speakers outside their industry all the time. It's an excellent chance to show off your expertise and set yourself apart from the crowd with original ideas. Where can your clients hear you speak?

Martin Bisset, Founder, The Upward Spiral Partnership 


3. Focus on solving your pricing problem

Mark Wickersham.png Cloud technology enables you to become more valuable, even as the amount of time you spend on compliance will likely go down. To get the most value for your firm, and your clients, you must price on  value you deliver.

Mark Wickersham, Professional speaker and author, Value Pricing Expert


4. The power of 3

Mark Lee.pngOld fashioned notes can still be your saving grace. I recommend that you review your notes from the conference and cut down your list to just three actions that you will pursue ASAP!

Mark Lee, Speaker, Mentor and Author


We'd love to hear your top tips on making the most of a conference, so why not get in touch on Twitter

Once again, we'll be on stand 370 with our orange t-shirts and giant app. Why not swing by and see how you can make your bookkeeping effortless?