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"Why I use Receipt Bank & FreeAgent!" – Testimonial by Oliver Bocking, Managing Director of Base360 Ltd

“It’s a complete no-brainer!” – a testimonial by Oliver Bocking, Managing Director of Base360 Ltd

Before I used Receipt Bank, my system for dealing with expenses was to perpetually ignore them, before dumping them all on my accountant and running away! As my business grew and grew, this simply became unmanageable. We had grown from essentially me working from my bedroom, to a fully fledged business, and having started the business from the bottom up, I had less and less time to think about keeping and recording my expenses. My accounting really needed to get better and more accurate.

I looked at FreeAgent as part of the solution. Their system is perfect for the business. It is simple, straightforward, and great for tracking invoices which, with the high paying clients we have, is exactly what we need. Receipt Bank fits in seamlessly and saves me so much time. Time is my most expensive equity, and every time Receipt Bank tells me I have ‘saved 5 minutes’, I honestly think to myself that this is a huge underestimation!

I just love the simplicity. I capture absolutely everything using the iPhone, and then forget about it. I can just spend five minutes snapping away, once a week, and I’m done. Often if I’m bored, I just sit down and submit a few items. What I have saved is simply not quantifiable. I am actually recording everything properly now. I have increased visibility and can really get a clear picture of exactly how I am spending my money.

I recommend Receipt Bank to every small business owner I know. It’s a complete no-brainer!


Oliver Bocking is the Managing Director of Base360 Ltd, a software development company.