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Case Study: How Cassandra Scott simplified business with Receipt Bank

The technologically savvy Cassandra Scott of Laurus Enterprises Queensland, is on a mission. It’s called “getting ahead of the game.” By positioning themselves as Xero specialists and with the implementation of Receipt Bank, it’s all about how to streamline.

Cassandra says, “It’s flattening out our workload. We used to have our clients send paperwork through at certain times of the year like BAS, with troughs in between. Now we’re not hit with piles of paperwork all at once in a month. We can use our downtime more effectively because they are sending it through daily, weekly, monthly so we can work on it sooner. We can get exception reporting back sooner on anything that is missing.”

“If you need to review anything, you have immediate visibility.” she says, using the example of the ability to use the document in Receipt Bank for reconciliation even if they don’t publish it to Xero.

Receipt Bank has also saved time for clients that they don’t necessarily have contact with day to day. “It gives flexibility. We can look at it in any stage and do some processing while doing other things. Now we focus on higher volume clients, it frees us up to take on more work or higher value work”

Of Receipt Bank’s adaptability, Cassandra says, “It’s not a silver bullet, it’s an integrated solution. We work with it differently depending on our client’s needs.”

“I use Receipt Bank to save a marriage, my husband is terrible at keeping receipts! Now I don’t have to hassle him about it! It’s great for the bits and pieces, the out and about stuff.”

Some clients have had initial concern about document storage and data security but the assurance that it is ATO approved and their data secure has gone a long way.
“The level of stress on the client is removed because they don’t need to hunt around for all their paper at the end of the month, they deal with the document as soon as it comes in. It frees up their time.”
Getting her client’s buy in certainly hasn’t been an issue. She says, “It sells itself. When we show them how Receipt Bank works they get a gleam in their eye and say ‘this is magnificent’!”