Cornish Accounting Solution wins first ever Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge

We’re on a mission to make bookkeeping effortless through automation and efficient processes. We recently launched the Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge to help partners benchmark how efficient their practice is and motivate them to become even more profitable with a healthy bit of competition.

Paul from Cornish Accounting Solutions Paul from Cornish Accounting Solutions

The first ever winner of the Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge is Cornish Accounting Solutions in Cornwall. Over the past two weeks, Cornish Accounting has competed against other Receipt Bank partners to improve the key metrics which drive their bookkeeping efficiency. Every day, they were shown a dashboard with their efficiency metrics compared to other accountants in the region (all anonymous, of course). Cornish Accounting also received tailored advice on how to move up the leaderboard and make their processes more efficient.

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Paul Miller, Managing Director, and the team at Cornish Accounting took the opportunity to focus on improving areas that helped create better bookkeeping experiences for their clients.

“The Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge was the boost we needed to prioritise sorting out our clients bookkeeping to provide accurate and up to date information,” says Paul.

“We realised the current process we were using wasn’t perfect “

Paul says his team quickly identified opportunities to become more efficient thanks to the dashboard and the helpful advice. Being anonymously benchmarked against other practices also gave them milestones to work towards.

“The Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge gave us the motivation and the support we needed not just to do things right but to do it great,” says Paul.

For this fantastic achievement Cornish Accounting won a 42-inch flat screen TV and title of the first ever Effortless Bookkeeping Champion.


What is the Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge?

What effortless bookkeeping looks likeThe Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge is designed to give Receipt Bank partners insights into the key metrics driving their efficiency. It’s also a way for you to benchmark how efficient your bookkeeping processes are compared to other practices.

You’ll receive helpful updates with advice on how to improve your metrics and become even more profitable. None of the information is identifiable to your firm, so your name and data is completely anonymous.

How do I join the next Challenge?

Register your interest for the next Challenge in June and see if you can be the next Effortless Bookkeeping Champion.

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