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"Receipt Bank & FreeAgent work brilliantly together!" - by Derek Brower, Journalist

"The currency conversion is miraculous" - a testimonial by Derek Brower, a freelance journalist for The Economist & Petroleum Economist

I discovered Receipt Bank after a meal out with a friend – he took the bill and snapped it on his iPhone. I was intrigued. It prompted a whole review of my accounting systems. I ended up finding FreeAgent and Receipt Bank, and using the two together works brilliantly for me.

Before I used Receipt Bank I was putting my receipts into a large box and forgetting about them – until it came to the end of the year, when my wife and I would become incredibly stressed before handing them over to my accountant. It was a pile of disorganised receipts that certainly wasn’t professional or systemised. This system was chaotic, and was losing me money. The hassle of chasing down the receipt for a coffee on a train somewhere just wasn’t worth the stress it was causing.

The feature I love most is the Android app. When I have a couple of spare minutes, rather than playing a game or checking my social media, I snap my receipts and it’s done. I recently went on a business trip to Saudi Arabia, and it was miraculous how Receipt Bank coped with the currency conversion from Riyal.

I’ve certainly saved time, but what is much more valuable is the stress. I’ve saved so much of that. Using Receipt Bank in combination with FreeAgent has kept me completely on top of my accounts, and if I have any questions, the customer service at both companies is second to none.

Derek Brower is a freelance journalist who works for The Economist and Petroleum Economist, reporting on energy and politics.