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"Why I use Receipt Bank & FreeAgent!" - Testimonial by Jonathon Scott, Managing Director of Emic Communications Ltd

"We can now focus on what matters" - a testimonial by Jonathon Scott, Managing Director of Emic Communications Ltd

The only word I can use to describe the way we used to deal with our expenses, is ‘badly’.  We never really did anything with them; they simply stagnated and piled up. We needed more control over our own accounts and after our accountant introduced us to FreeAgent, we also found Receipt Bank through their website.

To be honest I was surprised to find that Receipt Bank does as much as it does! I am truly awful at admin work, and it isn’t something I enjoy, so being able to stuff my receipts straight in a bag and get rid of them is perfect! When you are trying to run a business and do billable work, it is truly an enormous help.

Using Receipt Bank and FreeAgent saves me time every week, but it’s the confidence that everything is there, exactly where it should be, that I really care about. I know that I can access any expenses straight away, whenever I need to. We recently had a VAT inspection, and the VAT officer was seriously impressed!

Our financials are no longer a distraction. The biggest benefit to us has, without doubt, been that we can now simply focus on what matters.

Jonathon Scott is the Managing Director of Emic Communications, an international consultancy specialising in employee engagement and internal communication. The company won its first European Excellence Award this year.