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"Why I use Receipt Bank & KashFlow!" - Testimonial by Sanjay Shah, Emotional Intelligence Expert

"Cost-wise, the saving has been immeasurable!" - a testimonial by Sanjay Shah, Emotional Intelligence Expert

I discovered Receipt Bank through absolute necessity! When our company was much smaller, all of our data entry was being done manually. As the business grew and grew from a one man band to a fairly large organisation, this simply became unmanageable. We needed to start outsourcing this work somehow, as the bags of receipts were building and it was taking up far too much of our time.

I came across Receipt Bank and KashFlow at around the same time, and using them in tandem has been fantastic! It was really crucial for us to start looking at how to streamline our processes and we have saved a remarkable amount of hassle. I simply scan all my documents in, and relax!

As a service, Receipt Bank is fantastic. The fixed fee pricing suits us perfectly, and cost-wise, the saving has been immeasurable. The integration with KashFlow means that everything is always up to date, and we are claiming the maximum amount possible. Our accountancy function, for a small company, has improved dramatically. Even VAT returns are a breeze!


Sanjay Shah is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, and Emotional Intelligence Expert specialising in helping professionals make more money with less effort