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GGD: Empowering Their Clients With Real-Time Data


Cape Town based firm GGD Group used to manually input client data into their accounting software, but it was “both tedious and time consuming”. They were finding it difficult to motivate their staff and efficiently utilise their time. But now, with Receipt Bank’s tools, they’ve cut their processing time in more than half, and are able to spend more time developing their client experience.

Katherine Louw, joined GGD as an accountant in 2014, looking for a challenge. Since then she has helped them to grow their Xero division. “After completing my initial accounting qualifications, I deliberately looked for a smaller accounting firm to join,” she explains. “I find that they have a more diverse range of clients. They also tend to be more proactive about embracing new technology than some of the more corporate accounting firms.”

“Our core mission is centred on elevating our clients’ ability to remain competitive,” she affirms. “We believe in empowering our clients to succeed.”

Key to this is the provision of up to date, accurate data.

With Receipt Bank, Katherine says GGD have experienced “significantly reduced processing time, and a faster turnaround time on receiving client information.”

This means they can give clients a much clearer, much more current picture of their finances, even for their most labour-intensive projects.

“One of our high volume clients has been reduced from almost a week’s processing time to two days a month maximum,” says Katherine. That’s a lot of time now freed up!

With that extra time, they’ve been “spending more focused time on clients, and working on new clients” Katherine comments. “Also as we are now moving to cloud-based systems, we’ve been demonstrating Xero and Receipt Bank for potential clients.”

Looking ahead, she says that GGD plans on significant client growth, and increased adoption of cloud based software. We’re proud to be right alongside them for the journey and can’t wait to see what this forward-thinking firm achieves next!

If you want to see your processing times go from one week to two days, then you need an effective bookkeeping productivity tool in place. Book in a call with a member of our team today and see the difference that Receipt Bank can make for you and your firm.

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