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Grow your practice in 2015 with Receipt Bank

Thinking about how to grow your practice in the new year?

Start your 2015 with inspiring stories of how other accounting and bookkeeping professionals have used Receipt Bank to grow their firms and develop their client relationships:

Kinder Pocock took on more clients without having to increase staff numbers:

“Both turnover and net profit have risen drastically within a year, 40% and 61% respectively. This is a direct result of the efficiencies that Receipt Bank and Xero, as well as other online solutions, have brought to the firm. Using them means that we have more time, which means we can take on more clients, and we are able to provide these clients with additional services that would not have been possible before.” Sharon Pocock, Founder

Pillow May strengthened relationships with their existing clients and moved to higher value services:

“We have been able to start offering our clients a more complete accounting and bookkeeping package, whilst still using our own time efficiently. We can continue focusing our time on higher value work, such as offering business planning advice while also offering bookkeeping support. It has proven to be exactly what we wanted! Receipt Bank has been just massive for us. It’s all about improving your service to clients, and this is ultimately what we have been able to do.” Jessica Pillow, Director

Farnell Clarke added value to their client offering, enabling more businesses to take up their service:

“Having Receipt Bank makes our client offering more cost-effective. This means it is more affordable, allowing a higher number of businesses to take up our service and letting us help even more people succeed.” Will Farnell, Founder

Wow offered a new efficient and cost effective bookkeeping service:

“With the combination of Receipt Bank and Xero, we are able to offer an automated bookkeeping service that isn’t limited by geography and that clients actually enjoy using! Most importantly clients really wanted this service and it means now Wow can deliver it. Our current bookkeeping service is far more profitable and our clients love it!” Paul Bulpitt, Director of Accountancy

Valued Accountancy expanded their client base:

“We are based in County Durham, Newcastle, but our biggest growth area is the south of England. We are picking up one to two clients a month from London and the South East. With Xero and Receipt Bank, we are able to offer a fantastic service to clients anywhere in the country!” Stephen Paul, Founder

If you'd like to see this growth in your firm simply request a callback with one of our Welcome Team, they would love to discuss your practice.

Or if you are already using Receipt Bank, but would like to see more of these benefits in your firm please speak to your Account Manager for how they can help you achieve this.