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Does HMRC accept scanned receipts? Yes!

At Receipt Bank, we're often asked whether HMRC accept scanned receipts, scanned invoices and scanned vouchers as proof of transaction - because they have done for some time now, it means going digital is a viable option! So we thought we'd share what HMRC say on the matter:

"Records may be preserved on optical imaging systems, and the originals discarded, provided that what is retained in digital form represents a complete and unaltered image of the underlying paper document."

If you'd like to find the exact text here's the HMRC document. They've also reiterated this point in various other documents.

What does this mean?

At Receipt Bank we securely store what you send us for 6 months, after which the paper receipts and invoices are safely destroyed and recycled!

We then keep the digital receipts, invoices and vouches on our secure servers for at least the required 7 years. Enabling you to retrieve these images whenever you like, 24 hours a day! With our .PDF function you can download and store the receipts on your computer and print them if required!

Digitally storing your receipts makes it’s significantly quicker to locate them with our online system - now there’s no need to spend your time trawling through the original documentation! If you have any questions about how this works - please get in touch and we'll try to help!


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