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“The time I wasted on my invoices, I can now focus on actual business!” - Testimonial by Claudia Vilches of Just Bedding

Just Bedding is one of the most well known and oldest online bed linen retailers in Australia. A family run business, they have been selling bed linen via their website since 2005. Claudia Vilches runs the company with her brother and a team of six from their warehouse in Sydney.

I had been using Xero for 18 months before I found Receipt Bank. I thought Xero was fantastic and I was very happy with it, but keeping the hard copies of my invoices was quickly becoming the bane of my existence. I needed to process between 30 and 50 invoices every week and this was taking up several days a month with manual scanning and uploading.

I went to speak with a bookkeeper about outsourcing this workload. I was spending too much time on my accounts when I could have been spending time on making business. The bookkeeper informed me of Receipt Bank so I had a look and signed up.

Now Receipt Bank handles all of my invoicing work. The subscription is a small price to pay for all of the work that Receipt Bank does for me. Rather than lose days every day a month, I spend just five minutes every day emailing my invoices. When I get an email telling me they data has been extracted I spend another five minutes reconciling them in Xero.

Receipt Bank are selling me convenience and it has helped me immensely. The time I wasted on my invoices, I can now focus on actual business! Receipt Bank has taken the pain of invoices away.


Claudia Vilches is the founder of Just Bedding. She uses Receipt Bank, Xero and Carry The One as software solution to help manage her accounts via the cloud.