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Case Study: Keeping pace with a fast changing industry

Gabrielle Osborne sees a change in direction - and it’s a big step forward

A changing industry
“The accounting industry has changed a lot in the last few years. It has tended to lag behind other industries in adopting technologies and in seeking out efficiencies and automated processes, but now there is definitely a move towards embracing these,” says Gabrielle, the Practice Manager at Premium Business Group.

In an environment where SaaS and automation are quickly snowballing, Gabrielle recognised the simplicity of Receipt Bank. “I made the connection that Receipt Bank was a tool to help all businesses. The service and the set up I received has been amazing and I was completely sold from that moment. I can’t see how it could be any simpler,” she says. “I love it! I think it’s part of the way the industry is moving forward. It is a great offering for both accountants and bookkeepers.”

Building growth and capabilities
As her company is still in it’s early growth stage, Gabrielle says “Receipt Bank is a tool we use to enable that growth. I am able to start building capabilities, adding value to current clients. It has certainly saved me several hours a week.”

“My perception has changed. Receipt Bank has a broad spectrum of businesses that it is very suitable for. No matter what the size of the business, it still eliminates the necessity of someone sitting and typing it all in.”

The cost of time
The instant visibility of automated reports and information that is always accessible in real time has proved a huge value-add to the business. “A key benefit is that the scanned copy of the invoice is attached and retained for 7 years - if it needs to be checked for correct GST for example, you don’t have to get someone to go through the files. With a couple of clicks it can be located by anyone that has access to the client’s file,” she says “Time is not best spent creating numbers on spreadsheets, it’s better spent growing business and servicing clients.”

Gabrielle suggests that Receipt Bank is a very effective solution. “It’s not difficult to take the first step and try it. I would be very surprised if there was anyone who didn’t see the benefit. Think about it from a client’s perspective - whoever is inputting the data, is there not a better use of their time?”