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Kevin San & Associates: How Better Accounting Helped My Client Double in Size [Video Case Study]

Kevin_San_Sofrito2.pngKevin San is an accountant based in Sydney. After years working in multinational firms in many different countries, he decided to build his own firm around a more personal approach. And his new technology-led approach has had dramatic results for his clients.

The value-based client relationship

For Kevin, building a strong relationship with his clients starts with being a regular presence in their lives. This is built on using Receipt Bank to make their expense submission easy and convenient.

"They're uploading their expenses on a daily basis, that allows us to keep their accounts up to date," explains Kevin. "They're talking to you about their business, and becoming more engaged in the finance function."

Not only does this make Kevin their first port of call when they have a business issue, but it also gives him the real-time information he needs to solve it.

Growing with Receipt Bank

This was exactly what happened with Sofrito Paella. "It was a profitable, well-run business, but [the client] really didn't know how to make it grow," says Kevin.

Within a year, Kevin helped them double in size. To find out how check out the video below.


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