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Video Case Study: How Interactive Accounting grew their business in the cloud

Born in the cloud in 2009 Interactive Accounting are now a Xero Platinum Partner with a number of awards under their belt! Their mantra is "to build an innovative accounting services company that's ahead of the curve”. They are laser focussed on helping their clients build scalable businesses, by using the best technology.

For us at Receipt Bank, Interactive became one of our first Australian Partners in 2011. It’s been a joy to work with the Sydney and Melbourne team and see them continue to innovate and evolve. It’s also safe to say we’ve learnt a lot from them about what a truly, automated practice looks like!

Fast forward to July 2015 and we had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa Callaghan, Managing Director of Interactive Accounting. Lisa and the team welcomed us to discuss all things cloud, her business growth and the impact technology has had on her clients.

Lisa chatted to us about the value of having good data and how important bookkeeping is as a service. How embracing cloud bookkeeping enables you to offer more through cloud accounting. Lisa said ‘You need data and you need access to good data and good data comes from really good bookkeeping. You really can’t have one without the other - they’re in Partnership’.

The impact implementing Receipt Bank has had for her client Big Run Events, who were struggling with employee expense claims. Lisa says it ‘dramatically reduced the time our clients were spending managing that process”.

Then delving further into the growth Interactive Accounting has experienced and how embedding technology has enabled them to offer predictive accounting. This forward looking approach has enabled Lisa and the team to help their clients ‘double the size of their businesses’.

Thank you Lisa and the Interactive Accounting team for being so generous with your valuable insights.