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"We have been given complete peace of mind!"- Testimonial by Alex di Martino of Lost Pictures Ltd

"We have been given complete peace of mind" - a testimonial by Alex di Martino - Writer, Producer and Managing Partner at Lost Pictures Ltd

As a film development company, business can be quiet for weeks or months, and then explode into weeks of madness in which we are suddenly handling the expenses of fifty or more people. We never had one set way of dealing with this fluctuation. Sometimes we would hire an accountant and come to an agreement on price, or hire an admin person on a daily rate during a busy period. Occasionally I would manage the task personally, although I admit that data entry is not my favourite thing! We would spend a long time procrastinating, and then the task itself was even more time-consuming.

Whoever came up with Receipt Bank is a genius! We needed to find a more affordable solution, and when I first stumbled across the company I thought 'no – I can't believe it!' I tried it out and the rest is history!

The iPhone app is definitely my favourite feature of Receipt Bank. To take photos of receipts on the go is such a nice thing, and I find the idea of getting rid of a piece of paper straight away so liberating! Receipt Bank has freed up two big things for us – pressure and time. As a small company we have no big budget for expenses handling, and this used to take 10, or maybe even 50 times longer than it does now. We have been given complete peace of mind.


Alex di Martino is a Producer, Writer, and Managing Partner at and Lost Pictures, a film development company. Alex has previously produced documentaries for Channel 4.