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"Why I use Receipt Bank, FreeAgent & Dropbox!" - Testimonial by Manuel Belmonte, freelance IT Consultant

"Fiddly bits of paper as well as electronic receipts are no longer a problem" - a testimonial by Manuel Belmonte, freelance IT Consultant

Before using Receipt Bank, my accountant would insist I keep all of my expenses in a spreadsheet. I had receipts stuffed in envelopes around the house and would reference everything manually, then cross-reference, and then enter all of the data myself. Even then, there were errors – my system was iffy, not to mention incredibly difficult to manage.

I went on to use FreeAgent, which is truly great! It allows me to see more information, regain more control, and even generates invoices for me! Discovering Receipt Bank has just streamlined everything even further. Gone are the days of manually tallying up my expenses!

Now all of our receipts come to us. Receipts for hotels, lunches, coffees, are sent straight off, and any invoices for software bought online are popped straight into Dropbox and forgotten about. It’s absolutely brilliant!

The thing that really sold Receipt Bank for me was the variety of submission methods. Fiddly bits of paper as well as electronic receipts are no longer a problem. They are always in both Receipt Bank and FreeAgent, and the search function allows me to find them in an instant. The time and effort saved is the biggest change I’ve seen – it’s just made life that little bit easier!


Manuel Belmonte is a freelance IT Consultant for Applegate Consulting Ltd.