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"Why I use Receipt Bank!" by Mikko Jarvenpaa, technology entrepreneur

"I now capture everything - my expenses workflow has been streamlined" - Mikko Jarvenpaa – technology entrepreneur

My previous method for dealing with my expenses involved piles of
paper in assorted places - plastic pockets everywhere. The biggest 
problem was a constant nagging feeling at the back of my mind that 
things were slipping through!

I heard about Receipt Bank through a tweet from one of their
 customers. Signing up was really straightforward, their envelopes turned
up a few days later. I now capture everything – my expenses workflow
 has been streamlined!

My favourite feature is how they accept receipts and invoices in 
so many different ways – forwarding on emails is easy, whether it’s an 
email attachment or simply in the body of the message. Using their
 envelopes is a brilliant way of bridging the offline-online gap!

I’ve only been using the service a couple of months, but I can 
already see the value in having an archive of my expenditure. In terms
 of the time and money saved, the amounts in their email notifications
 are pretty accurate. If I had to spend more any more time tracking down
 all my receipts, I’d definitely be wasting a lot more of my time!