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Receipt Bank's new Multiple mode will replace your office scanner


We’re always looking for new ways to make the bookkeeping process as effortless as possible, and that starts with our accurate, easy to use receipt scanner. And now snapping your receipts is now faster than ever with our brand new camera feature: Multiple mode.

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Next time that client brings in a shoebox full of invoices, you can tear through it in minutes with this soon-to-be essential tool. No more bulky office equipment, all you need is your phone.


This new feature allows you to take up to fifty snaps at a time, removing the need to re-open the camera for every new photo. As soon as it is taken the picture is already processing – it’s that easy.

If you’re not a faultless photographer that’s fine. We have you covered. You can quickly remove the last photo, simply click on the ‘x’ icon next to the preview in the camera view.



Multiple also makes it even easier for your clients to submit their data. There is no such thing as not having enough time to submit invoices when snapping an image is this simple and seamless.

So let’s leave the scanner behind – make sure you’re app is up to date to start taking advantage of Multiple. And let us know what you think on Twitter to help us spread the word about effortless bookkeeping.