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"Using Receipt Bank & Xero is so worthwhile!" - Testimonial by Adam Beizsley-Pycroft, User Experience Director at Natural Interaction Ltd

"I must have saved thousands!" - a testimonial by Adam Beizsley-Pycroft, User Experience Director at Natural Interaction Ltd

We started using Receipt Bank and Xero in our first year of trading. I had spent the previous eight months diligently collecting my expenses and putting them in a shoebox, with the express intention of getting round to scanning in my huge pile and manually entering the data. Procrastination simply got the better of me, and I started browsing the Internet for a receipt scanning solution.

What initially really impressed me was Receipt Bank’s ability to deal with my legacy receipts. I signed up for an Annual Plan and the service has always been brilliant. I love how intuitive the system is, and there has always been a member of the team available on Skype to answer any customer service queries I’ve had.

The killer feature for me is simply the fact that I can get rid of all of that paper! I empty my pockets into a Receipt Bag, and once my items are processed, they are in Xero once I’ve hit a couple of buttons. Our overheads include a large number of digital invoices, so the extra option of being able to forward them straight on via email is perfect!

I used to know contractors who had become so tired of recording small receipts, they had just given up. Now I just recommend Receipt Bank to them! The time it would previously take for me to manually type the data for a coffee receipt into Excel, simply wasn’t productive. Since using Receipt Bank with Xero, I must have saved thousands in effort and time. That’s what makes it so worthwhile!


Adam Beizsley-Pycroft is the User Experience Director at Natural Interaction Ltd, a user experience design consultancy which specializes in improving websites and the user experience.