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New Feature: Boost your bookkeeping productivity with Flexible Columns!

Flexible Columns streamline the way you work within the Receipt Bank ‘Inbox’ - making reviewing your items an effortless bookkeeping experience.

“It’s very useful to quickly view the breakdown of each item as the information is easily displayed within the Inbox” - Danny from Valued

Everyone likes choice, so now we’re giving you the ability to decide which fields you’d like to see within the ‘Inbox’ view with Flexible Columns. Want to see which ‘Project’ that receipt has been tagged with? Wish you could easily tag an invoice with a custom description? No problems! With Flexible Columns enabled you decide which extra information you’d like to see and edit right from within the ‘Inbox’.

So stop clicking into each item receipt/invoice item one at a time and use Flexible Columns to help you boost your productivity.

“The Flexible Columns in RB is amazing!” - LiveCA

“The Flexible Columns is super helpful. What we’re seeing now with Flexible Columns is that our clients are finding it easier to collaborate and track their project costs directly from the inbox.” - Danny Valued