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New Feature: Get confidence in your bookkeeping automation with While You Were Away

Receipt Bank’s mission is to make bookkeeping effortless through automation. We want you to spend less time checking and entering data, and more time delivering higher value services to clients. To give you the visibility you need to automate your clients’ accounts, we’re introducing our latest feature – While You Were Away.

While You Were Away shows a summary of all the important activity in your client’s account since the last time you looked. See how many items were processed, what’s been autopublished, which items have been merged, and much more.

Feel confident automating suppliers and payment methods. While You Were Away flags when they're added by clients, so you get the full picture without having to hunt for the information.

While You Were Away not only saves you time, but it enables real time accounting and business advice. One of the early pieces of feedback we’re really proud of is a partner who saw her client add a new payment method, and used that as an opportunity to get in touch about effective credit card processes.

We can’t wait to hear more about how you use While You Were Away to deliver world class services to your clients. Share it with us on Twitter or the comments below.