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New Feature: Automatic Tracking For Clients' Outstanding Paperwork

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The bigest time-waster for our partners is chasing clients for missing items. Our new feature, Outstanding Paperwork, makes tracking down missing items effortless, generating instant reports for transactions in your clients bank feeds that lack paperwork in Receipt Bank or Xero.

Please note that this feature is only available to Custom Practice Platform users integrated with Xero.


An age-old theme that comes up time and time again in our research is chasing up clients – a process that can be maddeningly frustrating for accountants and bookkeepers. Sending email after email without a reply feels like shouting into the void, and trying to find an old email thread can feel like a needle-in-a-haystack situation.

We wanted to find a way to cut out the middleman and chase up your clients for you. There are a number of ways we already do this (in particular with push notifications) but to us, just one solution is not enough. We came up with Outstanding Paperwork to gather together all the items that need chasing in one place, ready to send to your client.


Outstanding Paperwork syncs with Xero to sort through your client’s bank feed and find any transactions which are lacking their supporting receipts or invoices in either Xero or Receipt Bank.

Colour coded alerts show you how much you're missing from your client

From your Practice Platform dashboard, you can see how many items each client owes you to get their bookkeeping up to date. To make it simple, we've presented this data as a traffic light system. The number is green if it’s low, amber if it’s getting higher, and red if it’s too high, so that you can keep the situation under control at a glance.

Practice Platform detects if there's already a matching item in Receipt Bank or Xero, even if it has not been approved for reconciliation yet. This way you’re provided with a real-time report of only those expense documents that haven’t been submitted by your clients.

You can add notes, then download the list as a CSV, PDF or Google Sheets file and send it on to your client. No endless chain of nagging emails, just the one with everything you need from your client.

Easily compile a report, add notes, and download it, ready to send to your client

No more need to dig through all the transactions in Xero to find out which need paperwork - one click and the list is ready to send. Not only is it easier for you, it's easy for the client. They can see instantly the exact items they need to provide to get their books up to date.

We understand that relentless chasing can somewhat sour your client relationships, so with Outstanding Bookkeeping we do the dirty work for you. Clients will get that much needed reminder without you feeling like you’re shouting into the void.

Do you spend too much of your time chasing clients? Would you rather spend that time growing your firm and optimising your services?

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