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New Feature: Suppliers Tab

One of the pains of dealing with receipts and invoices is the repetitiveness: British Airways = Travel, British Airways = Travel, etc. etc.

Although Receipt Bank takes the effort out of this process by doing the data entry for you we could see that some of our users wanted to do further bookkeeping and did not want to be back editing their receipts one by one.

To avoid this Receipt Bank is proud to introduce the Suppliers Tab.

The Suppliers tab enables you to make changes to all the items relating to a single supplier in one place, with a single action.

To take advantage of the Suppliers tab: log-in and click on the 2nd tab called 'Suppliers'. It is divided into two sections: Transactions & Rules.

In the ‘Transactions’ section you can merge suppliers easily in the event that duplicates arise. You can also track how much you’re spending with one supplier, whilst also observing when the last transaction took place.

The ‘Rules’ section lets you select individual settings for each supplier. This can come in especially handy when it comes to publishing items to our accounting software partners.

For example, each month you receive a bill from your ISP. The amount is always constant – it never needs to be verified – so this can be published automatically to your accounting software without question.

Not every invoice is likely to be as predictable and consistent as this – so you might refrain from switching automatic publishing on for all items. The ‘Rules’ section of the Suppliers lets you make subtle changes to what happens to your items after they’ve been processed.

You can also set default categories for each supplier, default projects and clients, default bank accounts, publishing options & VAT rates.

The video below will demonstrate the power of the Suppliers tab in greater detail - if you have any further questions about this feature, please don't hesitate to contact our support helpdesk who will be happy to help!


Suppliers Tab from Receipt Bank on Vimeo.