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Does the New Zealand Inland Revenue accept scanned receipts? Yes!

At Receipt Bank, we’re often asked whether taxation authorities around the globe accept scanned receipts, invoices and vouchers as proof of transaction. Increasingly this is the case, so going digital is a viable option!

We previously highlighted the HMRC (UK) view< on the subject, the Irish Revenue's take on things, the Australian Tax Organisation's perspective, and now the time has come for the New Zealand Inland Revenue's take on things.

"Your records should be in good order so you or anyone else can work through them quickly and easily...You can keep your records as hard copy or on your computer—the same principles apply."

If you'd like to look over the exact text, please follow this link to the New Zealand Inland Revenue document.

Receipt Bank - your items digitized and easy to find!

Digital receipts, invoices and vouchers are kept on our secure servers for at least the required 6 years. You can retrieve these images whenever you like: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Exporting your items as PDF and spreadsheet downloads is easily done, so you can view offline and print if necessary.

Digitally storing your receipts makes it significantly quicker to locate them with our sophisticated online search functionality – no need to spend time trawling through the original documentation. We've even had reports that tax inspections of digital records can be done inside half an hour.