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Receipt Bank nominated for 'Add-on of the Year' at Xerocon in New Zealand

One year ago Receipt Bank was primarily a UK business. We had clients in the USA, in Canada and in mainland Europe but over 90% of our users and partners were UK based. This changed when we were nominated for an award at Xerocon in New Zealand in February 2012.

This nomination instantly brought our service to the attention of accountants and bookkeepers in NZ, Australia and beyond. Since then we have worked hard to improve the Receipt Bank service so that it has value for businesses around the world.

This involved launching some new features, some tailoring of existing features and a lot of speaking with partners and businesses in different countries to understand their needs!

Therefore, one year on, we were delighted to be nominated for 'Add-on of the Year' in Auckland at Xerocon NZ 2013. As there are now 200 software companies integrated with Xero, to be nominated for the main award - along with OneSaas and Unleashed - was a huge honour and hopefully a sign that the work of the past year was well placed!

Congratulations to the winners Unleashed. And our aim is clear - to keep improving our service so that we can do one better next year! If there is any feedback you have for us, or new features you would like to see in Receipt Bank then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do...