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"Why I use Receipt Bank & Dropbox!" - Testimonial by Pascal Sahli, Co-Founder of

RB_Dropbox"It really doesn't matter what format your receipts are in - it all works so smoothly!" - a testimonial by Pascal Sahli, Co-Founder of

Before using Receipt Bank, dealing with my expenses was a complete and utter nightmare! Being based in Switzerland, we really needed a system that could handle receipts that aren’t printed in English. In this regard, everything else we had tried had failed miserably!

We do our own accounting and we have all kinds of papers floating in all the time. What we desperately needed was a system that could take all of the hassle out of dealing with this. We were losing receipts when travelling, having our suits dry cleaned with the bits of paper still in the pockets, and we just weren’t keeping track of things properly. As a result, we weren’t billing everything we could have.

The really great thing about Receipt Bank is that it really doesn’t matter what format your receipts are in – paper or digital, whether it’s on your phone or in your email inbox – it all works so smoothly! It’s the little things that add up, and now all of those coffee receipts are accounted for. The Dropbox feature is amazing, and as the folder is shared, I know I can’t lose anything.

Even my wife loves Receipt Bank – she looks over my shoulder when I’m using the iPhone app, and waits for the tell-tale rustling noise that confirms my item has been submitted. I love the system – and for what I am paying, I am more than happy!

Pascal Sahli is a 'Business Angel' & the Co-Founder of Sahli & Partners, a company specialising in coaching business executives and helping them get started in the Swiss marketplace.