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Product Announcement: The next wave of Practice Platform!

At Receipt Bank we’re passionate about automation and focussed on helping accountants and bookkeepers increase their productivity. Sophie Hossack, Australia County Manager recently commented in Accountants Daily, that practices who “are embracing the technology revolution of cloud computing and APIs have gained enormous efficiencies and higher margins and provide better service levels to their clients.”

First we automated the accounts payable data entry. Then we provided real time analytics in our Bookkeeping Dashboard, showing; the outstanding workload, the urgency of the bookkeeping and the impact of your clients’ inefficiency. These metrics are helping accounting and bookkeeping practices around the world to reduce the internal cost of their bookkeeping service.

Now we're excited to announce our latest Practice Platform product - our Communications Tool. You will be able to change your clients behaviour and help them form better habits by effectively communicating with them through mobile, web and email messages.

You can:
- Chat message your clients on an uploaded receipt or invoice, visible on both the web and mobile app. Clients will be alerted when a new message from their accountant or bookkeeper appears.

- Email single or multiple clients from the ‘Broadcast’ function, allowing accountants and bookkeepers to select supplied templates such as ‘Upcoming Deadlines’ or ‘Introduction to Receipt Bank’. Emails can also be scheduled.

- Use the Communication View dashboard to see an overview of the chat messages including a breakdown of the ‘new’ & ‘open’ notes. The ‘Broadcast’ section will show sent emails, and those scheduled to send.

Alexis Prenn, Receipt Bank CEO and Co-founder said, “The future will be determined by how we shape our client experience.”

You will be able to automate, schedule and predict these messages and significantly reduce the lost time previously spent chasing clients.

The future of Practice Platform is exciting, with additional functionality, analysis and visibility that is core to the roadmap for practice owners. And there are even more plans on the horizon - exception reporting and benchmarking, and integrations with fellow solution providers who share the productivity ethos.