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Receipt Bank and - A Productive Partnership

Offering a full back office accounting solution is impossible without the robust ecosystem of partners that integrate with your accounting software. These software partners are essential tools that manage core accounting and finance processes to the maximum level of automation possible. Integrating a collection of useful tools with help you to maximize your efficiency and strengthen your practice.

With so many third party add-ons performing similar functions it is easy to confuse them as competitors, however their ability to communicate and share data with one another is what makes them so valuable. Integrating Receipt Bank with and the accounting software can create a comprehensive and powerful platform for your clients that manages the accounting, reporting, bill payment and data management.

If you aren’t using Receipt Bank, consider how much time do you spend handling your clients receipts and invoices? You may have multiple processes in place to collect documents, sort and code them and input them into the accounting software. Now consider the process of paying your clients invoices through your accounting software- manually entering the bills, following up with approvers, printing checks, mailing them and filing copies. There is clearly an opportunity to reduce and repair processes by leveraging third party solutions.

The Receipt Bank and integration isn’t reserved for clients using Xero or Quickbooks Online. Many of our partners who have clients using desktop software use Receipt Bank and to receive their clients receipts and invoices, pay those invoices and sync the transactions right into your desktop software!

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