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Receipt Bank integrates with KashFlow!

In Receipt Bank you can now publish your receipts directly into your KashFlow account!

What does this mean?

Receipts and expenses are often one of the most annoying, awkward and slow parts of book-keeping. Now, clients of Receipt Bank and KashFlow can cut out the hassle of this time-consuming chore!

Receipt Bank scans and processes your receipts. This expenses data can then be published directly into KashFlow. The data - name of supplier, value of expense, nominal code, date of expense, method of payment and other key information - is then immediately available in KashFlow reducing the cost and time of book-keeping!

"Receipts are a hassle - for individuals, for companies and for accountants. Our aim at Receipt Bank is to cut the time and cost that receipts incur. Integrating with KashFlow is another step towards this goal!" Michael Wood, Director, Receipt Bank.

About KashFlow

KashFlow is an online tool specifically designed to help owner managers in small businesses manage their accounts. KashFlow's aim is to take the boredom out of managing a company's accounts and to make the day to day tasks easier to achieve so that less small businesses neglect this area.

KashFlow keeps accounts management simple: it requires no installation, software training or prior knowledge of accountancy.

All users benefit from a free, no obligation 60-day trial. The monthly subscription price is £15.99 a month - including free support and upgrades.