Introducing Receipt Bank Multi-user plans - you can now use Receipt Bank if you have two staff, twenty or two hundred!

Receipt Bank began as a service for freelancers and contractors. Over time we’ve grown to work with many thousands of small businesses. But many of these companies have been asking us for a version of Receipt Bank where each person, department or branch can have their own account (with their own log-in). Today we are pleased to be able to launch a new version of our multi-user accounts that means you can add extra users without paying for each additional user!

This means that Receipt Bank is now perfect for many more businesses such as:

- A business with a field salesforce. Each member of the salesforce can have their own Receipt Bank account but each one is part of the Company account so that management can see and review their expenses back at HQ.

- A business with several branches. Each branch can now have their own Receipt Bank account without being able to see each other’s bills or invoices. All the items from each branch can then be consolidated for bookkeeping and reporting.

- A business with contracting staff. As there is no additional cost for adding or removing users, even temporary staff can be added to Receipt Bank and brought into the company’s processes for dealing with expenses and other outgoings.

How does multi-user work?

The multi-user accounts work just like a normal Receipt Bank account except for one important difference - you can have as many users as you like! There is no per-user fee or charge (although there are still fair usage limits relating to the volumes of transactions that we process).

Our multi-user plans give each member of your team access to their own user account under one company account. You can still grant access to either your bookkeeper or accountant and you can integrate the company account with our Add-ons.

Prices are determined by the number of items you submit and not by the amount of users you add, so there’s no need to worry if your team is big or small!

The price of our multi-user accounts begin at USD$25 / £20 (with a fair usage policy of 75 items per month). For more information about the price of different plans please contact us.

For a free trial of a multi-user account please click here.

Or if you’re a current user of Receipt Bank and would like to upgrade to a multi-user account then go to your Account Settings and and click on ‘Modify’ next to your current subscription.

This is a really exciting development for us but there’s more to come in this area! If you have some feedback for how you’d like Receipt Bank to evolve in this area then please do get in touch.