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Receipt Bank now integrates with FreeAgent!

Our job at Receipt Bank is to collect all those annoying files and pieces of paper that contain your expenses information and turn them into usable data – this includes transferring the data to whenever you need it! Therefore we’re pleased to announce today that Receipt Bank now integrates with the innovative online accounting software FreeAgent.

What does this mean?

You can now publish your receipt and expenses data directly from Receipt Bank into FreeAgent!

After you have sent your receipts to Receipt Bank to process, you can now choose for your data to flow automatically into FreeAgent. This means there’s no data entry or effort required on your part - we’ll do it for you!

Bringing together all of your expenses data in one place will save you time! It is the quickest and easiest way to organise and sort through your expenses.

FreeAgent makes accounting easy for business owners and freelancers to understand. Users can analyse bank statements, see live profit and loss reports, send and track invoices, track time and expenses, and manage projects.“Our aim at Receipt Bank is to reduce the time and cost that individuals and businesses incur dealing with their receipts. By integrating with FreeAgent we can make dealing with your out-of-pocket expenses even easier!”

- Michael Wood, Director of Receipt Bank.

About Receipt Bank 

Receipt Bank takes the hassle out of your expenses!

Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper - receipts - into data you, and your company, can use.

Receipt Bank gathers your receipts, scans them and processes them. We then publish your receipt data to the person or software that needs it.

Receipt Bank cuts the cost and time of dealing with receipts and expenses!