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"You barely even know it's there!" Testimonial by James Martin of Riverglide

"You barely even know it's there" - a testimonial by James Martin, Riverglide

Taking care of our expenses and getting receipts and invoices to our bookkeeper used to be really fragmented – the problems were not only the time it would take to do it, but just to remember to do it at all! The bookkeeper has all this work to do at the end of the month - with payroll on top as well. It was just a headache.

Receipt Bank has such a low barrier to entry. Lots of our work involves commuting and travelling to different clients – we're not really in the office very often. If we don’t capture the expense immediately, it gets lost or processed much later.

Receipt Bank just sits in the background – you barely even know it’s there - the biggest compliment I can give to a piece of software! You just pull your phone out and take a photo. It’s removed the process from our brains – saving mental energy.

In real terms it’s saved maybe half an hour a week per person. I can’t really measure it financially but I believe there’s an overhead saved in not even thinking about it. It’s a huge amount of time without even knowing it.

Being able to select projects and clients to mark individual items is pretty handy for when we’re dealing with different clients. The convenience of the app is great, I thought we’d use the envelopes but using Receipt Bank on smartphone has totally streamlined the way we work.