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"Why I use Receipt Bank" by Rupert Barksfield, operations director at Ignite

"It has freed up so much time" - Rupert Barksfield, operations director at Ignite.

I used to just let my expenses build up and up before forcing myself one day to go through hundreds at a time! I’d forget why I bought things – it was a rubbish system to be honest!

I searched around online for a solution and Receipt Bank looked like the best fit for what I was after! I send my receipts to them via post and email - it’s great to have the flexibility as so many receipts come through email nowadays!

It has freed up a lot of time. Being able to download a spreadsheet of all transactions instantaneously is fantastic – really great! I bulk select and download everything – I can easily file it away and send onto my accountant.

Whilst I can’t really put a monetary value on the service – using it has certainly saved me a week a year, if not more!