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"Why we use Receipt Bank & FreeAgent!" Testimonial - by Sarah Aires Photography

"Receipt Bank takes the burden away", by Sarah Aires Photography

Our previous situation for expenses was an inbox full of items we eventually got round to sorting - usually just before doing our tax return! As well as being a very manual process, we’d spend time just trying to remember what all these receipts were – the end result being we would only know how we did, once the year was over.

Connecting Receipt Bank and FreeAgent means we can have a precise overview of our cash flow and how the business is doing right away.

Handling one’s expenses is boring and onerous, it shouldn’t be a difficult job, it’s just an important one that you never get round to. Receipt Bank takes the burden away, as soon as something comes in we forward it on via email or scan it in.

Within a day, it magically appears in our accountAccording to Receipt Bank’s own estimates we’ve saved plenty of time already – definitely inclined to agree!

The email-in feature is especially useful – it mirrors the way we work with Capsule – our CRM, which also is linked to FreeAgent. It’s meant in a very short space of time, we’ve gone from a Heath Robinson operation to a system that feels like a slick corporate back-end!