How to start new clients managing their expenses online in 2 minutes with SMS


As the accounting industry moves towards a cloud-based future, just providing the technology to let them manage their expenses online isn’t enough to stand out. Providing a seamless client experience is fast becoming a defining factor in the market.

Monitoring client satisfaction is a key KPI for your firm. Find out the other 5 you need to track to make your bookkeeping as efficient as possible.

That’s why we’ve released a new feature that enables Accountants and Bookkeepers to provide an effortless onboarding experience for clients from the start.

Simpler, faster set-up

From your account, you can now invite your clients to Receipt Bank by SMS. This fast and easy method reduces admin time and frees you up to offer more value-added services to your clients.

Once added, your client will receive an SMS containing a magic download link which takes them to the appropriate app store for their device. When they open the app, we auto-populate their login details, meaning all they need to do is create a unique password.

And that’s it! They can start submitting their expenses online there and then, and you can start processing their data. All in under two minutes. Your clients will love it, and so will you.

Our app is by far the most efficient way to submit data to Receipt Bank. No more lost receipts and no more chasing. Users can simply snap a photo of their receipts on the go, and you receive their data 10 times faster than scanning invoices and emailing them. That takes you and your clients one step closer to a real-time view of their business.

“The SMS invite is a much faster and more effective way to get clients onboard, because the whole process can be done on a smartphone.”
Sharon Pocock, Founder, Kinder Pocock 

Manage expenses online in moments

This feature is also available to small businesses adding new team members within their own organisations. New users can be using the app within minutes of being invited to Receipt Bank, with all the submitted information going straight to their accountant.

Start sending now to seamlessly onboard your clients to Receipt Bank and help them feel the full benefits of the cloud.