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"Receipt Bank and Xero have completely revolutionised my business’ finances!" - Testimonial by James Davies of Taste the Blue Ltd

"I capture around 95% more of my expenses than I did in the past" - a testimonial by James Davies, Director at Taste the Blue Ltd

As a Company Director, properly recording my expenses is absolutely essential. Using Receipt Bank and Xero has utterly simplified the process for me. In the past, I was dealing with staff expenses on a completely ad-hoc basis, writing cheques according to the receipts lying on my desk. My own receipts rarely saw the light of day, and were sat in huge plastic boxes in the basement. Train tickets and taxi receipts got missed because recording them just wasn’t worth it. It was completely chaotic mismanagement.

When I initially heard about Receipt Bank, I didn’t even realize that this kind of a service was possible. My instant reaction was ‘yes, I want that!’ It’s impossible to even measure the time I’ve saved, but the money I have saved far outweighs the cost of the service. I capture around 95% more of my expenses than I did in the past and the tax implications are enormous.

My absolute favourite thing about Receipt Bank is the fact that I can access it wherever I go. If the tax inspector wants to visit, I can meet him wherever I like, as long as I have an internet connection. I barely even log in anymore! My items are auto-synced with Xero, so they flow seamlessly into my accounting software and I don’t have to do a thing. Plus, when people ask why I don’t have bits of paper lying around, I have that smug feeling of being ahead of the curve!


James' company Taste the Blue, provides cloud-based technology and communications solutions to small businesses, focusing predominantly on the maritime industry.