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The next era in workflow

“We’re moving into an era where the next business owner was born and raised in a digital environment and that is going to put a lot of pressure on the value you put on the table for just data processing,” says Robert King, who runs Integration Kings, a company that helps small businesses successfully adopt cloud based systems.

Robert strongly believes in the importance of adding value through automation. He says, “In today's current market, as accountants and bookkeepers it’s important that we do provide the service of receipt automation, because if you're not doing it, your competitors are doing it”. And automation naturally leads to business productivity. He says “The more efficiently you can process data, the more you can focus as an advisor on the front end and the value you bring to the table”.

unnamed“Receipt Bank has been pumping out education around this space, which means it’s easier to make a decision if you've been informed about the benefits”, he says. A client’s workflow, including excel workbooks, manual input and scanning the source document, has been a time consuming process. He says Receipt Bank helps to change this by “streamlining the processes and digitising towards a paperless office, allowing for mobility.”

There hasn't been a better time! The education of the cloud space has dramatically changed. “Four years ago it would be a lot harder, but nowadays with the amount of marketing by Receipt Bank and the community it's a lot easier.” Robert says it’s a simple solution - adopting Receipt Bank has been in no way difficult. “The process of on-boarding to clients is very easy and smooth, and dealing with the Receipt Bank team has been enjoyable - everyone is easy going and gets everything done!”

“Since we started using it internally the whole process sped up - anything business related I’ll photograph like crazy and Receipt Bank processes it,” he says, adding it has taken away a pain point. “We are saving half the time on processing the document,” which he says allows more time to focus on their business. “Most business owners hate that kind of manual process, so taking it away from the table is good for my business and good for clients.”