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Your Top 3 Receipt Bank Hacks to Save Time and Streamline Your Processes

We asked you what your favourite Receipt Bank time-saving hacks are – here are our favourites!

In our exclusive Partner community Orange Select, we asked for everyone’s top Receipt Bank tips, tricks and hacks. Here are our top three favourites – give them a go next time you login!

1. Sort by date

Janelle Redgwell, owner of Pro-Advisor Online, has a good tip for catching out informational errors:

Before publishing in Receipt Bank, I always sort by date so that I can pick up any of those rogue dates. I find some suppliers use the U.S. format for their dates, or sometimes there is a mark on the invoice so RB has difficulty reading the correct date.

A great way to make sure nothing  slips through the cracks!

2. Using Practice Platform metrics

Owner of Virtual Infinity, Leanne Woff uses the tools provided by Practice Platform to stay on top of her workload. Her favourite RB hack is “absolutely being able to see and quickly track the position of the books by Outstanding Paperwork and [Client] Delay. It gives you insight into where issues lie or what you can improve to do things more efficiently!

3. Supplier Rules

Last, but certainly not least, Andrew Scouller, Cloud Accounting Specialist at Inform Accounting, says, “Supplier Rules and Autopublish save an incredible amount of time for our bookkeeping staff, meaning they can get on with the more detailed work that can truly add value to our clients business.

Supplier Rules are also a big hit with Trevor McDougall of Integral Mobile Accounting. “Setting Supplier Rules makes processing those normal repetitive bills easier,” says Trevor, “better yet... automating them!"

Setting rules eliminates the need to go in and edit fields individually, which is perfect for regular suppliers – a client’s internet provider, for example, or monthly office rent. Save yourself some time like Andrew and Trevor and learn how to set Supplier Rules here.

If you're still not convinced, let Kinder Pocock’s Sharon Pocock tell you: “Automated supplier rules are the best. Combine this with mail inbox rules and emailed invoices appear in Xero as if by magic! Ping!

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