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Used by the experts...

Toothpaste manufacturers are never shy to announce that their products are recommended by dentists – here at Receipt Bank we're proud to say we're used by the experts too! Accountants and bookkeepers the world over are rapidly adopting Receipt Bank - saving time and money for themselves and their clients.

We’re really pleased to announce that we recently passed the milestone of 100 accountants and bookkeepers, and guess what? The list continues to grow each week.

We're really enjoying working with so many large firms and forward-thinking practices. We’re always keen to learn what is and isn’t working – turning great suggestions into actual product features that make for a better experience for clients.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about using Receipt Bank:

“To say it has totally changed the way we work is an understatement.” - Xero Gold Partner, UK

“Now my clients email their expenses straight to Receipt Bank. I’ve set up auto-synchronization, so I only get involved when the items are in Xero and I have to approve them. “ – Darren, Australian bookkeeper”

“Previously I had to file and store the expenses – now I shred them! I have a PDF copy stored on Receipt Bank and the image is automatically attached in KashFlow too. So I can retrieve the PDFs wherever I am!” – Louise, a UK accountant

“Over the past year Receipt Bank has saved me time, enabled me to offer great customer service – and it’s helped me market my services and gained me clients too!” – Chris, a UK bookkeeper

"Receipt Bank allows us to spend more time helping our clients opposed to processing receipts!” – a UK accountancy firm

If you’re interested in discussing how Receipt Bank can help your firm, then please contact us on or + 44 (0) 20 096 0552