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What's new in Receipt Bank: August 2017


We’re already three quarters through the year - the end of the year is fast approaching and we’ve been busy adding to our list of features being released in 2017! We’re eager to share with you the variety of exciting new updates that have been released this month across Receipt Bank.
It was tough to choose, but we’ve selected the highlights for this month that we believe will make your bookkeeping process even more effortless, as well as the breakdown of everything that’s been released so far this August. Let us know if you agree!

What’s New in August?

 1. Keep Client Accounts up to date with Outstanding Paperwork*


Tired of chasing clients for paperwork at the end of every month? With the new Outstanding Paperwork metric in Practice Platform, you can keep in control of your clients’ outstanding items.

At a glance, you’ll be able to find out exactly which receipts and invoices your clients are yet to submit to either Receipt Bank or Xero.

Easily share this reconciliation report with your client where you can add any notes or questions for clarification, making the submission of the necessary paperwork as effortless as possible! 

2. Automatically update items’ details when you change your supplier rules in the receipts detail page**


Receipts’ details will now automatically update whenever you change the supplier or supplier rules in the receipt details page.

If you change the supplier name in the receipt details page, the fields that can be auto populated using supplier rules will be updated.

This update will ensure your items’ information are accurate and true, whilst saving you the manual task of inputting these fields if you already have supplier rules created. You can be confident in automating more transactions through supplier rules to save time and focus more on your clients!

3. Easily deal with taxes in Receipt Bank with updated default settings**


For new Receipt Bank Custom accounts created after the 29th of August and any newly integrated accounts, we’ve updated the default tax settings in your Integration settings section.

We’ve updated them to ensure the items in Receipt Bank can be published to Xero with the correct tax information, whilst keeping the manual work to a minimum. 

4. Client Numbers at a Glance*


Never lose track of how many client accounts you have access to in Receipt Bank with the ‘Total Clients’ updates. You will be able to see this at the top left corner in the Bookkeeping Analysis dashboard, just above your client list.

5. Make item enquiries even easier with improved Item Messaging*


Several improvements have been made to Practice Platform to make communication with your clients even easier:

  • The new bell icon on the top right corner has been made more prominent so you don’t miss another notification;
  • Know when your client has read your message with a ‘Seen’ notification in the ‘Messages’ tab within the ‘Receipt details’;
  • Helpful email notifications to clients if they have unread messages waiting

6. Prioritise your work with Client Filtering*


With this update, you can now filter the clients you want to view with just a few clicks. Customise the dashboard to suit your needs and only see the clients you’re dealing with directly.

We’ve got more exciting updates and releases coming up for the next month, so stay tuned! Make sure to keep up to date with our feature releases by following us on Twitter. You can also find out more in our Help Centre.

*Only available for Receipt Bank Practice Platform
**Only available for Receipt Bank Custom