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What's New In Receipt Bank: January 2018

February Product Update.png

Welcome to your first Product Update of 2018! Receipt Bank has hit the ground running with nine brand new feature updates released in January.

Editors pick

Here at Receipt Bank we selected our top three favourite feature updates of January 2018.

  1. Bulk invite 1tap clients
  2. New CSV export update
  3. Android 2.4.5 mobile update

Read on to find a full breakdown of what’s new.


Email-in customisation

Your email-in address allows you to effortlessly submit any digital receipts or invoices straight to your Receipt Bank account. Now when you add a new user you can choose and customise their email-in address name.

Learn more about your email-in here.


Updated line items


You want working with your data to be as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve updated line items to make it easier for you to navigate. The new update also includes a handy new tool tip!

Line items can save you bundles of time, learn more here.

Custom and Extract

Bulk invite your 1tap clients.


Now it's even easier to get your sole traders on board with 1tap! Have you got numerous sole traders to get setup? Now with bulk invite you can have multiple 1tap clients added in one go via your account manager, so you’ll no longer have to manually add each one. Use the new bulk upload feature and save time!*

*Only available in UK and US


Sage One integration now available in more regions.


Our Sage One integration is now available for more countries! Receipt Bank can now integrate with Sage One US, France, Germany, Spain and Canada! Link your account in no time with our simple setup.

Find out how here.

Secondary Tax Extraction for Quickbooks Online


Receipt Bank offers secondary tax extraction. If you have clients that regularly require processing of two tax values on a single receipt - we’ve made this feature for you! Ensure your clients’ books are accurate while efficiently publishing items with no additional data entry.*

Learn more here.

*Only available for Canadian Receipt Bank accounts integrated with QBO

New CSV desktop export

Using Quickbooks Desktop? We’ve created a new CSV export format to make it easier for you to upload transaction data straight to your accounting software. You can use the new CSV export format to directly import your Receipt Bank transaction data into Quickbooks - saving you time.


The past month has been very busy for the mobile team with numerous updates released and on the horizon. We work hard improving the mobile app to make sure everyone is having the very best experience submitting items with Receipt Bank.

Android version 2.9.4 and 2.9.5 


The update for Android has made the app more intuitive - settings can now be accessed within the new menu found on the left side of the header. Further updates have been made following feedback from our users. You now have the option to save images to gallery and store the images for later, or turn off the feature and save your mobile device storage, you can turn off this feature from the mobile app settings. These updates also included bug fixes.

What’s coming soon

iOS gets an update!

iOS 3.7.4

We’ll be enhancing the app to make it even better for iPhone X users. We will also be implementing performance enhancements for all other devices too.

Stay tuned to find out what great updates are coming next!