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What's New in Receipt Bank: January 2019


In 2018, we released over 130 updates to Receipt Bank, and we’re planning on bringing you another year filled with exciting new features. Let’s make this year the most efficient bookkeeping year yet!

To begin the year, we’ve focused on tidy ups and some nice added extras for you. Read on to find out what we’ve worked on so far in 2019 and find out more about our selected product spotlight for the month: Item Messaging.

 We know it can be an arduous task getting all your clients’ items submitted and ready to begin reconciliation. This month the product update includes a feature spotlight on Item Messaging. This feature has been developed to give you a straightforward solution to gain the clarification you require on items. Read on to learn more about how it can help your practice.




It’s not easy remembering all the usernames and passwords to your accounts. If you’re an Intuit Quickbooks user, you can now enjoy the ease of single sign-on, now available for the Receipt Bank mobile app. This new functionality is available for Android version 3.1.3 and iOS 3.7.14. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Receipt Bank app to enjoy the new functionality.



Have more control over Fetch connections. Admin users can now view and manage all the Fetch connections on the account!

Top tip: When setting up a new connection, make sure you select the user that the connection belongs to!





You can now publish items to Sage Accounting and have the item create a ‘paid invoice’ or ‘unpaid invoice’ in Sage! You can do this by filling in the ‘Payment’ field when editing an item in Receipt Bank.

*Available for Receipt Bank Streamline and above.



It is looking cleaner around here?


As part of our new year tidy-ups, we've removed the icons from the primary navigation bar. Not only does it make the menu look and feel cleaner, it also creates some extra space...




To stay consistent with changes in Xero, we've updated our UI so you know exactly where your items are being published to. If you’re publishing to Xero Classic Expense Claims, we’ve changed the publishing destination name to ‘Classic Expense Claims’.



You finally get your client to submit all of their items awaiting submission, only to find you have ambiguous items that require clarification from the client.

Whether it’s a food receipt that needs the correct category associated, or if you need to know what project the item belongs to - this could require long email chains or frustrated phone calls with your clients, before you can get your work done.


This could require long email chains or frustrated phone calls with your clients, before you can get your work done.

Item Messaging provides you with a straightforward solution to get you the answers that you need.

With Item Messaging you can start a conversation thread on any submitted item, and the client receives a notification to their mobile app. Your client can then chat with you in real time, directly on the item in question.

Item messages are stored with the associated item as long as it exists in Receipt Bank. This means you can keep all relevant information associated with the item, stored in once place.

No more guesswork. Just instant clarity when you need it.

Get in touch with your Account Development consultant to find out more.


Behind the scenes: 2019

We’ve got a selection of exciting new features that are currently being beta tested. What does this mean? We like to put new features through the rigorous testing of our trusted Partners before we release them (after all, our Partners are the experts!) This way we can make changes and updates based on the user feedback. We're building Receipt Bank to be the very best for our users.

So keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic new features coming soon.


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