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What's new in Receipt Bank: July 2017


It’s been another busy month for shipping new features across Receipt Bank! Here’s a full guide on what was new in July 2017.

We’ve hand picked a couple of our favourites, but keep scrolling to find out what else was released to help make your bookkeeping effortless. Make sure you’re up to date by following our product updates on Twitter, and find out more about our features in the Help Centre.

Our selection this month includes:

  1. Mobile app users becomes Active mobile users for Practice Platform
  2. Set multiple fixed amount line items using Smart Split
  3. Xero match now has bank accounts

What's new in July?

1. Keep track of your client’s submission habits with new efficiency data**


We’re always striving to bring you the most powerful data to help you improve your bookkeeping efficiency across all of your clients. That’s why we’ve updated one of the metrics in the bookkeeping analysis dashboard, changing the ‘Mobile app users’ metric to new ‘Active Mobile Users’.

This metric now shows you the number of users per client account who have submitted a receipt or invoice via the mobile app in the last 30 days. This gives you a powerful insight into how your clients are performing, so you can keep track of their efficiency.

2. Multiple fixed amount line items with Smart Split*


Since releasing Smart Split a few months ago, you’ve shared some great feedback with us on how we could make the feature a more valuable tool. We listened, and this month we released the ability to add multiple fixed amount line items when creating a Smart Split supplier rule. We also added new validations to ensure you can split transactions smartly and smoothly.

3. Matching items in your Xero Bank Feed, now with bank accounts!*


If you are integrated with Xero, you’ll notice some changes when you have a match in the inbox. If there’s an item in your Receipt Bank inbox that matches with a transaction listed in your Xero bank feed, we’ll now let you know which bank account the matching transaction belongs to. This update gives you even more clarity and confidence when publishing items as paid, linked to the correct bank feed.

4. Track your gross and net tax amounts with Expense Reports*


When you’re collating your expense items, you can now see a separate row for the total gross and net tax amounts on your exported PDF expense report. Along with the Expense Report updates suite released a few weeks ago, creating Expense Reports in Receipt Bank has never been better!

Smarter default account settings for new Custom accounts*

If you’re new to RB Custom, we’ve updated one of our default account settings to help you start automating your workflow as quickly as possible. By default, Receipts will now be published as ‘Paid’ to the integrated accounting software.

In case you missed it in June....

Combine mode

Capture multi-page invoices effortlessly using Combine mode on the mobile app. This camera mode is ideal for those receipts or invoices that don’t fit in one frame - snap as many images as you need and submit them altogether as one item to Receipt Bank.

Change the base currency of collated expenses*

This is just one of the many updates we shipped for Expense Reports at the end of last month, and we felt it deserved more attention than we gave it in the last update!

Once you’ve collated an employee's reimbursable expenses into an expense report, you can now change the base currency of the report. This means that the total value of all expense items will be shown in the currency of your choice. This is perfect for employees who may be accruing reimbursable expenses in multiple regions.

*Automation features only available for RB Custom.

**Efficiency metrics only available for Practice Platform.