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What’s New in Receipt Bank: May 2019

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Ready for what’s new in Receipt Bank? This month, we brought the full power of Match and Missing Paperwork for Sage users, released Bank Accounts and made the look and feel of line items just that little bit better. Read on to find out what’s new and how you can use them to the fullest ...



What happens if a client sends their paperwork after you close the books? To avoid a duplicate transaction, Paperwork Match will match the receipt to the existing transaction in Sage so your books are audit-ready.


Paperwork Match:

If you or your client submits paperwork after the original transaction, Paperwork Match identifies the match with a green icon. Click on the match icon to attach the image onto your transaction and avoid future duplications or errors.


Missing Paperwork:

Can you see a number of transactions missing paperwork in Sage? Create an instant Missing Paperwork report from your Client View. Easily share this with your client so they know what paperwork to submit. It’s just another way you can bridge the gap and efficiently improve communications.





Receipt Bank is (almost) living up to its name!

We're bringing Bank Accounts to Receipt Bank, a dedicated area to create and manage your client bank accounts.

If you currently use Bank Statement Extraction to turn bank statements into reconciliation-ready data, you’ll soon be asked to assign these to a bank account before you send them for extraction. This update is designed to lay the foundations for some powerful new features in our set of Bank features.

All Receipt Bank partners affected will also be emailed about these changes.



Line items is one of our most loved (and used) features in Receipt Bank. They allow you to divide receipts, bills and invoices between multiple nominal codes.

Now, they’re even more efficient and intuitive to use. For instance, in the new Calculator view you’ll be able to see ‘Out By’ alerts when the amount is too much or too little. When it’s just right, then perfect! It’s now easier than ever to add another line item.

Available on Business Plus and Business Premium, Streamline and Optimize Partner Products, and Extract and Business products for Canadian companies.



Receipt Bank for iOS

Make sure you’re using the latest version of our iOS app (3.7.22) to enjoy the best experience when submitting items on mobile!


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