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What's New in Receipt Bank: October 2018


Your end of year is set to be a whole lot easier, with these great time-saving features released throughout October. From a brand-new integration with QuickBooks Desktop for Receipt Bank Partners in the US and Paperwork Match to make it easier to locate missing paperwork, to a nifty toggle swap and South African credit notes, we are investing in your user experience more than ever.


Make sure your clients books are ready for audit with Paperwork Match.



Do you have clients submitting paperwork late?

A common issue for bookkeepers and accountants is having to close the books without all the paperwork accounted for. If your client then submits the paperwork to Receipt Bank a week, or even months later, it could cause duplicate transactions in QuickBooks Online. This requires the manual removal of the duplicates in your ledger - extra work you don’t want to do.

Paperwork Match provides you with the solution.

Paperwork Match identifies any item that has been submitted to Receipt Bank that corresponds to an existing transaction in Quickbooks. It allows you to send just the image over to the corresponding transaction in Quickbooks, meaning no more duplicates!

Paperwork Match ensures your clients books are ready for audit, and requires no extra manual work.



Growing your business and looking to add more clients to RB? Then this feature is for you!


Ensure that all your clients have been set up consistently using Automated Account Settings.

No one knows your clients like you do, and we know that our default account settings aren't always what you need. With Automated Accounting Settings, you can create your own default settings to be applied to every new client you bring onto Receipt Bank, so you don't have to edit settings every time.

Set default account settings for your clients’ integration settings, and general account settings. Once you’ve setup Automated Account Settings, everytime you add a new client to Receipt Bank it will have all the default account settings you’ve selected added.

Save time when you add new clients, and ensure consistency across your Receipt Bank clients.

Want to learn more about setting up Automate Account Settings? Click here.



Over the past few months we’ve released lots of new features to make our integration with Sage Accounting even stronger. In October we released support for publishing credit notes!

Simply submit the credit note, as you would do with your other paperwork, and set the item type as credit note in the receipt details page.

Learn more about submitting credit notes to Sage here.



Have you noticed?


We’ve swapped the direction you switch toggles on and off. We realised that switching a toggle left to turn it on probably wasn’t the most intuitive way of doing things. So we have swapped all of our toggles across the app, so now you switch the toggle right to turn it on.

Have you noticed? If you haven't, we've got it right!



RECEIPT BANK FOR ANDROID VERSION 3.1.2 - what’s included?

We’ve been working on these bug fixes so your clients can submit receipts hassle-free. Items will no longer show ‘in processing’ once they’ve appeared in the web app, and we’ve stopped those pesky crash issues when using the camera. If you’re storing larger volumes of receipts, your items will also appear in chronological order in the inbox.



We’ve been developing an integration with Quickbooks Desktop.

We understand that it’s not always possible to move clients over cloud accounting software. That's why we want to offer the benefits of real-time bookkeeping to your Quickbooks Desktop clients.

The integration with Quickbooks Desktop means that you won’t to have to spend your time exporting the data from Receipt Bank and uploading it into Quickbooks Desktop.

Once setup, with just a click of a button you can publish extracted receipt data straight into your company file for review. This integration means you can enjoy all the benefits of Receipt Banks’ automation across your QuickBooks Desktop clients.

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