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Why I use Receipt Bank & KashFlow by Jaime, a plumber - "It’s no longer a task I put off until the weekend!"

"It’s no longer a task I put off until the weekend!" - by Jaime, a plumber

Previously I’d do my bookkeeping weekly with QuickBooks and give a plastic bag full of receipts to my accountant at the end of the year. I found the whole process slow and time consuming!

With the volume of customers I have, especially new customers, having to input new customer information took far too long. I was looking for something faster and cloud-based - so I could use it on the go.

I started using KashFlow for my bookkeeping and came across Receipt Bank through their list of suggested add-ons. It seemed like a good idea, I can now deal with things on-the-go and import them straight into my accounting software and have a precise monthly overview of my incomings and outgoings.

The thing I love about it is the speed. It’s super-fast. After a job, I get in my van, get the iPad out, take a photo and send it straight off to Receipt Bank for processing. Being able to take photos suits my needs perfectly and the quality of the image is fine. The ability to import directly into KashFlow is invaluable!

It’s nice to keep up with your bookkeeping, being able to do it on the fly is really handy – it’s no longer a task I put off until the weekend!