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Why I use Receipt Bank & Xero - by Darren, a bookkeeper from Australia

“Using Receipt Bank and Xero has helped streamline the process.” – Darren, bookkeeping business, Australia.

I came across Xero a couple of years ago and instantly liked the look and feel of it. Using Xero helped create a timelier running of my clients’ accounts - and I’ve been loving it ever since.

I get notified whenever someone tweets about Xero – and that’s how I first heard about Receipt Bank. I took a look at the website - tried it, liked it and bought it!

My clients are quite tech-savvy so they used to email me their expenses - I would then enter the data into Xero. Receipt Bank has taken away this manual work and it’s also helped with the consistency of coding.

But the big thing is – Receipt Bank automatically attaches the image of the receipt or invoice in Xero! I wasn’t doing this before, as it was too time consuming. Now, I can see the transactions from wherever I am which is great!

I also used to save a copy of the expense and create a file for my clients’ paper – now Receipt Bank provides this storage for me.

Using Receipt Bank and Xero has helped streamline the process for my clients and I. Now my clients email their expenses straight to Receipt Bank. I’ve set up auto-synchronization, so I only get involved when the items are in Xero and I have to approve them. It’s fantastic! - My wife is sick of me raving on about it!"