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"Why we use Receipt Bank and Xero" - a UK accountancy firm

"Xero is at the heart of our business – we love the design, ease of use and its growing functionality. Xero add-ons enable us to provide a better service to clients and Receipt Bank is a key part of that."

"Receipt Bank excites us because it significantly improves our processes for all our clients."

"When our partners first looked at Receipt Bank we came up with a million reasons why it wouldn’t work - but proved ourselves wrong. It’s far better than we thought it would ever be!"

"Our clients used to send us carrier bags – full of faded, crumpled receipts - which we couldn’t read. Now they send their stuff directly to us by iPhone or email. And it turns up in Xero! We can’t wait for the Dropbox integration."

"This has encouraged our clients to move onto a monthly system. Turning our year-end accounts process into a streamlined affair."

"In fact Receipt Bank allows us to spend more time helping our clients opposed to processing receipts!"

"Receipt Bank & Xero has transformed our business and our clients’."